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[jimmyjames] Thursday, September 15, 2011 7:56:50 AM 
This band is done. It's all descended into a joke. Honestly, the reality is this band are a joke now. Just a bunch of over the hill rip off merchants. I can't believe people on this site bag Maiden and stick up for these guys who haven't done anything decent since 1990. Yeah I'm sure the band have nothing to do with this, it's all management, Yeah right. I reckon KK left because he'd had a gutsful of this kind of shit. I think the real story is that they agreed to do a farewell tour and end it, the others welched and said "We want to do another shitty album and flog this dead horse some more" and he said "In that case I'm leaving because I don't want to see the band I started degenerate into a farce". Which it has. 

And despite what everyone on this site seems to think, Rob has lost it. He just sounds screechy and irritating now.
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