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[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, September 15, 2011 3:26:49 PM 

lol   Jimmy...."K.K." could be the reason the band is fucked up now as his Nostradamus ideas ( and yes K.K. started the Nostradamus project /ideas ) are the reason the band started to degenerate into a farce,if he would of shut his ego mouth and just followed Rob and Glenn into another normal metal album instead of dreaming up Nostradamus the band would of had a british metal album out already,Rob and Glenn realized that ending a career on Nostradamus seemed wrong....unlike "K.K.'' who was absolutely fine with that being the last Judas Priest album.....go figure....just my guess from what I know....

They were forced into a British Steel reunion tour because Ken didn't want to make another album and was still in the band and the management did not want to tour the nostradamus album like K.K. wanted to because it would not sell,so there ya go...but I do agree that the band & management are rehashing these lame compilation albums/live/best is a joke so I do agree with that. Now go figure....K.K. is out of the band and Rob and Glenn want to do a normal british heavy metal album again.....its sad to say but I believe K.K. was the entire downfall of Judas Priest starting in 2006 when the Retribution tour was over and when he started to create Nostradamus.

How could K.K. let Nostradamus be the last album in a "heavy metal "band's career? It just doesn't make any sense at all.....I'm glad Rob and Glenn are making at least one more album to top Nostradamus from being the last LP,no matter how good or bad it is it will definately be better than the shitty Nostralullaby album.
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