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TOPIC: WHy UK bands are so GOOD
[heimda11] Thursday, September 08, 2011 9:46:38 AM 
Metal12, throwing more ideas on the table for consideration and evolution.  The foundation of American government is complex.  The U.S. Constitution was only ratified because there was a commitment to develop a Bill of Rights after the revolution.  The first Ten Ammendments are the sacred Bill of Rights (direct evolution of the British Magna Carta - America is SO British and we don't know it - I know it because read too much as a kid).  The very FIRST Ammendment says something like (had this memorized when would protest Reagan and Bush the First as a college student) "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition government for redress of greivances." 
The white, male, slave-owning American Founding Fathers (who transcended their flaws to create a miracle) were clearly grounded in Christianity but they were also Free Masons, which adds nuance to the discussion.  (I think Free Masons are the Harlot of Bablylon of which Revelations speaks.) 
The American system clearly protects religious diversity as well as freedom from religion.  Satanic devil worship is also protected by a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court I guess (although I think they should be viciously prosecuted through anti-trust violations - and I'm so sorry to say this out loud, but I wonder about a Templar "Jihad" against Satanism because I think God is in a war - I know many will trip for all the right reasons when I say that, just being honest about ideas been wrestling with).
Many of the Christians I love I think misunderstand the Founding Fathers intent because they are loyal to God's Law not Man's Law. 
Definately the Founding Fathers trusted in God, but they were building THE system for governance of man by man.
FYI, many Christian Americans think America is a beast of Revelations.  I believe that it doesn't matter who is elected they are all working for a more powerful master that is moving toward the New World Order.  As a Political Science major who was very active in Democratic Party politics, I now have very little to do with system because we are scratching hopelessly at the surface when major change is needed.  In my opinion the only revolution that will truly work is a CONSUMER REVOLUTION.  Capitalism is the hope of mankind - the only system that can replace war.  The only time I see most people get sophisticated is when the money in their wallet is directly affected.  A shrinking world driven by the information age on a J-curve could make a consumer revolution possible.
Sorry to get even weirder, lol, but I love y'all.
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