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TOPIC: Any comments on these albums
[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, September 01, 2011 5:03:11 PM 
Yeah for me I've never even liked Accept but I do think they are a worthy heavy metal band/some songs at least but man that Blood Of Nations album with the new singer sounds better than the old Accept,actually to me its the best Accept album there is!

However about Priest,yeah I'd be fibbing if I said I wasn't nervous about this next album without K.K., I am glad K.K. is gone because K.K. himself doesn't want to be in Priest so yeah its a good thing he aint here and I think Richie is the perfect fit I really do and not just saying that either,Richie is definately a true member of Judas Priest tons more so than Ripper in my opinion.

But yeah I'm a little nervous about an album without K.K. The only thing is that this new album can't be worse than Nostradamus,it just can't even without K.K.  If the LP turns out equal to Angel Of Retribution (in our opinion because I know you actually like A.O.R. like I do guido) than it will be awsome. 

I too hated it when Ripper changed some lyrics ect...yeah that sucked balls. Ripper turned Priest into a band like Disturbed or Godsmack and nothing against these bands I'm just making a comparison,Ripper's image on the Demolition tour was unacceptable and I was shocked that Glenn and Ken allowed it,like on the Live In London DVD he looks like a 4th member of The Beastie Boys.

Richie doesn't bring that "nu" metal to Priest,he seems more old school if anything. Lets just hope the new "songs" on the new Priest album are kick ass,thats where it will count as you know. Actually,we don't really differ that much at all on the subject Guido.

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