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TOPIC: Any comments on these albums
[guidogodoy] Thursday, September 01, 2011 4:33:02 PM 
See, and there is where we both agree and differ. I also don't like the Ripper-era albums because I just don't like them. Indeed, I have heard them, tried to give them a chance but just thought that the songs were bad. I can't stand Ripper's voice and, even worse, when he changes the traditional lyrics of some songs to give it his own touch. It is bloody awful. 

Maybe it is just me but I don't equate a drummer with a lead singer. Just not the same ballpark. When Dave left Van Halen, I felt the same. Change the damn name to Van Hagar! Nothing against the great talent of the rest of the guys but it just wasn't the same without Diamond Dave.

That said, I do like Turbo and Nostra. Granted, I never bought Turbo on CD so that shows my ranking of it. Then again, I just blew the big bucks on the Singles and do own Metalogy AND the cassette. Same goes for Ram it Down.

All this begs the question about a JP album without KK. While I do have my reservations, I will certainly give it a try just as I did with the Ripper albums. However, I think that the album will have a better chance with Rob than would an album with Ripper.  Same thoughts about Iced Earth with Ripper, BTW, as I have stated before.

So far, one of the VERY few bands I like that went from a mega-singer to someone new was Accept - Blood of the Nations.

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