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[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Saturday, August 06, 2011 5:46:29 PM 
Well, from the picture that Richie posted on FB of the crowd taken from the stage, it was a sea of people watching and loving Priest! Not to mention, the "reviewer" calls Prophecy "I am Nostradamus". Obviously NOT a Priest fan and can't even bother to get their facts straight before writing the review. Of course out of 77,000 people there, there are bound to be people that aren't there to see Priest and would hang out at the edges of the crowd with all the drunks.....  And the last remark I find interesting: Judas Priest played a great set, for Judas Priest fans.... well, NO SHIT! So were they supposed to only play their radio stuff and then leave, would that have made it a good set for this "reviewer"???

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