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[tasnam1] Friday, August 05, 2011 9:43:28 PM 

Sorry to hear this...



A two and a half hour headline set would be a lot for any band, but for Judas Priest – it’s just not worth it. The density and passion of those at the front made for a pretty great gig, but the telltale signs of apathy were to be seen around the edges where scores of tired and hungry rockers were ignoring the music in favour of bratwurst and a sit-down.

Acting every bit the metal gods they are in music history, covered in as many spiked studs as can fit on an entire suit made of leather and sporting some natty head tattoos, frontman Rob Halford spiralled about the stage swishing his fringed arms at the crowd during newer song ‘I am Nostradamus’. The on stage flames and laser displays weren’t enough to make this the epic headline performance it should have been, despite the talent and sheer classic metal high regard in which they are held.

Halford screamed into the night “Are you ready for Judas Priest style heavy metal?” to which one sleeping metal-head lifted his hat to say ‘Nein’. Fans perked up for ‘Breaking The Law’ and arrival of the huge black motorbike on stage. Ending the show wearing German flag, Halford sang them out in style.

Judas Priest played a great set, for Judas Priest fans. For everyone else, it paled in comparison to Ozzy’s previous nights’ performance.


Let's go metal heads!!!!  Priest, Priest, Priest!!!!

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