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[Budred] Friday, July 15, 2011 5:49:12 AM 
Cool Bob Crane story. Hogan's Heros is probably my favorite show. I have all  6 seasons on DVD.
I also have all 3 seasons of Gilligan's Island. Sorry, but I would have had to ask Mr. Denver for his autograph
at least once. I live about 5 hours from Princeton W,Va.. I would have loved to have met him. I used to smoke
so that made me like him even more. I think I would have loved meeting Ginger too. Always and still have a
fascination for her. I went to a strip club once and got a picture with a feature dancer who claimed to be her
daughter. If I find it I'll post it. Of course I'll have to censor it. Anyway, you're lucky and I'm jealous. Peace!

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