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[spapad] Thursday, July 14, 2011 9:56:44 PM 
Since his hair was as longish as the days of Gilligan he looked like a granny type figure. He was nice though, and liked the fact I never let on to who he was when he would come in to pick up his orders. I never even asked him for an autograph, even though I loved him so much as a child and would have loved to have it.

I once met Bob Crane too. He performed in a Play in Chicago called "Beginners Luck" it was very funny. He signed Autographs after the show and when I went up to him, (I was only about 10, 11?) and because my hair had been cut short due to allergies, he asked me: "What's your name son?" I said Susan, and he laughed and shook my hand and said: "Well, what do ya know! I Boy named Sue" That is how he signed my autograph. To a boy named Sue, Bob Crane.

That's it for my brush with fame with old TV celebrities. lol Bet you wish you hadn't asked.

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