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[Nupe The Ripper] Friday, July 01, 2011 6:49:08 AM 
Well yeah, with 250 000 illegal downloads, and with the average price of a CD being around 15 to 25 dollars, the total loss would be about four to five million dollars.

But then you have to remember how much of the CD's price goes to the band itself. With a major label, such as Sony which is Priest's label at the moment, even the biggest bands would be lucky to get ten percent of the profits. The rest goest to the label (about half), management, marketing and other costs, not to mention the reseller's own profit margin. So all in all the band itself has lost about three to five hundred thousand dollars - it's still a big sum, but nothing as near what the total sales price would be. So when record companies and copyright organizations speak loudly that "illegal downloading makes the artists lose money", they're lying quite much in that as they're only worrying about their own profits. Touring and merchandising is what really gives the bands a lot of profit these days.

That is not to say that I condone illegal downloading myself. I've downloaded many bands myself, including Priest, but I've always bought the albums afterwards. I still wan't to give the artist something from making such great music, even when it's just ten percent of the actual purchase price.

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