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TOPIC: Judas Priest Tour First Show Setlist
[Steven killingmachine] Wednesday, June 08, 2011 11:09:47 AM 
Well Priest has once again dropped the ball on a good set list.  Hopefully they will go for a different set list for the American leg of the tour. 

Lets break it down:  There suppose to do a song of every album.  Of course they didn't do Jugulator or Demolition.  These albums are a part of priest and should be represented.  Cathedral spires would have been great.  3 songs off British Steel when they just did all of them on last tour completely unecessary.  Never Satisfied off Rock a Rolla is good to hear but Halford has already been doing this with his band.  Should have picked Cheater or title track.  Sadwings Victim of Changes.  Best Priest song ever but I've heard it live on 10 tours.  The fans have been begging you for Dream Deceiver or Island of Domination.  Sin after Sin Starbreaker pretty good choice.  I would have preferred Raw Deal but Starbreaker hasn't been done in a long time so you did well.  Diamonds and Rust should have been replaced with Raw Deal.  Stained Class Beyond the Realms of Death another great song, but we've heard it on many tour.  Should of done Saints in Hell or Heroes End.  Hell Bent title song I can live with because you bring out the motorcycle but instead of Green Menalishi you could of done Killing Machine or Burning Up.  Point of Entry Heading out to the Highway boring, should have been Solar Angels.  Screaming for Vengeance YOu got Another has been done to death.  It is not now, nor ever has been your best song. Should have went with Fever, or Bloodstone.  Defenders you have done most recently so Sentinel is fine.  Turbo, you just did the title track an Angels tour, should have maybe done Reckless.  Ram it Down, Blood Red Skies, A+.  You finally listened to the fans on this one.  Painkiller, title track is fine.  I just can't believe you didn't do One Shot of Glory.  The fans have been begging for this one.  It is one of your best songs and now on your last tour you will have never played it live!  What a travesty.  Angel of Retibution,  Judas is Rising great song but why not do Demonizer which hasn't been done,  Finally Nostradamus which you do Prophecy again, unbelievable.  Revelations, Exiled, War, Nostradamus so many options.  You stuck with doing the same old songs with just a couple of new ones sprinkled in.  You blew a great opportunity to give us alot of great songs never done live.  Maybe its this kind of playing it safe with the set list that KK decided to retire.
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