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Judas Priest Tour First Show Setlist
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[Eternal Betrayer] Thursday, June 09, 2011 4:46:05 PM 
Anyone who's interested; this guy seems to have the best quality clips from Tilburg...
[Eternal Betrayer] Thursday, June 09, 2011 4:14:34 PM 

Ad lib by Rob, from the Tilburg show, during "Victim Of Changes"...

"You've realized you're gettin' old and no one seems to care... (I know how they feel!)

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[astarup] Thursday, June 09, 2011 3:43:13 PM 
I agree completely with you Steven, but Im leaning towards the thought that rob simply can't manage all the notes he used to, so they pretty much have to stick to the same ones tour afte tour. The biggest regret I have about the setlist, is Prophecy. A good song, but there are SOOOO many great songs on Nostra that its a sin not to play some more !!

Annette, Denmark
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[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Thursday, June 09, 2011 12:12:55 PM 
I agree with you Maple. But on the other hand, they also have to appeal to the "casual" fan that only knows their hits in order to sell tickets. As much as we the hardcore fans dislike it, that's unfortunately the case. Maybe they will throw in some more never been done or haven't been done in a long time tracks? They could have just been trying to see the reaction to Blood Red Skies and Starbreaker and Never Satisfied to see if they wanted to add more songs that haven't been done. Let's hope!!

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Maple Syrup from Thursday, June 09, 2011 11:45:56 AM)
[Maple Syrup] Thursday, June 09, 2011 11:45:56 AM 
Couple of quick observations on the setlist from Tilburg:

Diamonds & Rust acoustic is back - Always loved the electric version. Last year when the played this electric, it was by far the best song of the show.

Turbo Lover - Really? again...They couldnt do anything else from Turbo? Serously?  Out in the Cold? Could have came up with something better.

Alot of the songs in the setlist IMO they are playing it safe and are from the original Reunion of 2006: Heading Out, Sentinel, Beyond the Realms, Victim of Changes, Green Manalishi, Hell Bent.

Time for them to give YGATC & BTL and Metal Gods a rest..Been there done that for the last 5 tours..

Never Satisfied - Halford and his band have been playing this one, so no real dusted classic there (sorry JD)

The real dusted classic is Blood Red Skies (Never played Live B4) & Starbreaker, which was last played live in 1980.

Other than that, not much...Dont get me wrong it is a solid setlist, but too safe IMO. Throw in Living aftre Midnight and it only becomes worse..

Too many missing classics to go on about...running wild, desert plains, tyrant, jawbreaker, etc...

Halford looks and sounds great and is unlikely they will change the setlist up much, considering they rarely do so. Looking frwd to seeing Priest in the states.


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[Head banger] Thursday, June 09, 2011 8:04:58 AM 
2 hours is great.

rob needs a time machine, but then dont we all.  that at 60 he can imitate something he did at 24 is great
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[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, June 09, 2011 4:24:17 AM 
For me personally the best track of this tour is hands down without a doubt "Never Satisfied". This is absolutely awsome they are playing this song and Richie Faulkner is absolutely excellent playing the leads as well,total inspirational!!
[Becks] Thursday, June 09, 2011 2:39:07 AM 
2 hours is a great length show isn't it. It's crazy how people will bitch about Robs voice when he sings songs like Dreamer Deceiver, bloody hell he was what 24 when SWOD was released, of course at nearly 60 he can't sing it exactly the same anymore, I would be very surprised if he could.
Starbreaker is a great addition to the set list, my favourite off Sin After Sin!

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS from Wednesday, June 08, 2011 2:19:16 PM)
[Bazookajoe_666] Wednesday, June 08, 2011 3:21:09 PM 
 They played at least 1 song for every single album that Rob sings on. I have no problem with this because Jugulator and Demolition were terrible albums, aside from a couple of songs of course.

Also, relax.

This is the FIRST show of a huge 2 year world tour.

The band have all confirmed that they rehearsed and practice MANY songs, loads more than they usually do, and they ARE going to mix the setlist up a bit.

This setlist is not playing it safe.

How can performing super rare and never before played songs be safe? It's not.

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Steven killingmachine from Wednesday, June 08, 2011 11:09:47 AM)
[Udo Sapper] Wednesday, June 08, 2011 3:06:43 PM 
Fuckin' awesome!
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Wednesday, June 08, 2011 2:19:16 PM 
I just heard from a friend that went to the show and she said that Priest played for 2 hours!! When is the last time they did THAT?! So I am now starting to wonder if the reason that KK left the band is because of his wrists, as someone posted a couple weeks ago. The BS tour, they only played for 75 minutes!

I would have LOVED to have heard Dreamer Deceiver!! But, as much as I absolutely LOVE Rob, I don't think that he can hit those high notes anymore, at least not night after night without people bitching about his voice. It would have been nice to hear different songs from other albums rather than the usual. But I'm so happy that they are playing Blood Red Skies and Starbreaker!!!

From the videos on YouTube, Richie did an AWESOME job!!!
[Screamin' Demon] Wednesday, June 08, 2011 2:00:18 PM 

I gotta come out n' say honestly that I believe Priest's selection of songs from the Painkiller and post-reunion albums is really weak. Painkiller, Night Crawler, Judas Rising and Prophecy is what we have on this tour. I was hoping for something more like Painkiller, One Shot At Glory, Demonizer and Death. How can it be that they Include Turbo Lover while not these. As someone said a coupl'a posts ago, I can see that maybe the setlist was getting boring to KK to play. If it had been up to me I wou. I really hope that they change up their setlist soon and listen to the fans in regards to these songs. So far the Priest Feast setlist seemed to be the most stable setlist that they ever played.

[Head banger] Wednesday, June 08, 2011 1:05:27 PM 
I agree.  Jug and Demo need representation to call it a complete tour.
actualy all of what you said was spot on.  its a good list but far from great.

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Steven killingmachine from Wednesday, June 08, 2011 11:09:47 AM)
[Steven killingmachine] Wednesday, June 08, 2011 11:09:47 AM 
Well Priest has once again dropped the ball on a good set list.  Hopefully they will go for a different set list for the American leg of the tour. 

Lets break it down:  There suppose to do a song of every album.  Of course they didn't do Jugulator or Demolition.  These albums are a part of priest and should be represented.  Cathedral spires would have been great.  3 songs off British Steel when they just did all of them on last tour completely unecessary.  Never Satisfied off Rock a Rolla is good to hear but Halford has already been doing this with his band.  Should have picked Cheater or title track.  Sadwings Victim of Changes.  Best Priest song ever but I've heard it live on 10 tours.  The fans have been begging you for Dream Deceiver or Island of Domination.  Sin after Sin Starbreaker pretty good choice.  I would have preferred Raw Deal but Starbreaker hasn't been done in a long time so you did well.  Diamonds and Rust should have been replaced with Raw Deal.  Stained Class Beyond the Realms of Death another great song, but we've heard it on many tour.  Should of done Saints in Hell or Heroes End.  Hell Bent title song I can live with because you bring out the motorcycle but instead of Green Menalishi you could of done Killing Machine or Burning Up.  Point of Entry Heading out to the Highway boring, should have been Solar Angels.  Screaming for Vengeance YOu got Another has been done to death.  It is not now, nor ever has been your best song. Should have went with Fever, or Bloodstone.  Defenders you have done most recently so Sentinel is fine.  Turbo, you just did the title track an Angels tour, should have maybe done Reckless.  Ram it Down, Blood Red Skies, A+.  You finally listened to the fans on this one.  Painkiller, title track is fine.  I just can't believe you didn't do One Shot of Glory.  The fans have been begging for this one.  It is one of your best songs and now on your last tour you will have never played it live!  What a travesty.  Angel of Retibution,  Judas is Rising great song but why not do Demonizer which hasn't been done,  Finally Nostradamus which you do Prophecy again, unbelievable.  Revelations, Exiled, War, Nostradamus so many options.  You stuck with doing the same old songs with just a couple of new ones sprinkled in.  You blew a great opportunity to give us alot of great songs never done live.  Maybe its this kind of playing it safe with the set list that KK decided to retire.
[Mr. Dave Genocide] Wednesday, June 08, 2011 1:06:10 AM 
Myself, being a hardcore Priest fan, would have been disappointed with there being no "One Shot At Glory" following "Battle Hymn"... Still, the set list does look great. Sentinel, Starbreaker, Never Satisfied, hell, BLOOD RED SKIES! (Like I've said before, Scott could play that entire album flawlessly; he's a f*ckin' drum machine!)  Now I really wanna find some tix to see this tour, one way or another... Just gotta save up...

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Screamin' Demon from Tuesday, June 07, 2011 8:56:08 PM)
[Screamin' Demon] Tuesday, June 07, 2011 8:56:08 PM 
I just saw the first video of the song Rapid Fire with the Battle Hymn intro. I gotta say that is REALLY mean towards the hardcore fans thinkin' they're about to hear One Shot At Glory n' then they hear Rapid Fire. The setlist is quite crazy and fun tho, otherwise.
[acolyte55] Tuesday, June 07, 2011 7:20:17 PM 
keep the set lists coming please
[Bazookajoe_666] Tuesday, June 07, 2011 5:02:45 PM 
 Looked a little something like this.

Rapid Fire
Metal Gods
Heading Out To The Highway
Judas Rising
Victim of Changes
Never Satisfied
Diamonds and Rust - acoustic
Turbo Lover
Beyond The Realms of Death
The Sentinel
Blood Red Skies (No fucking joke.)
Green Manalishi
Breaking the Law

Electric Eye
Hell Bent For Leather
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
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