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TOPIC: KK Downing Has Retired
[J.D. DIAMOND] Monday, May 30, 2011 3:58:40 PM 
Yes I do have knowledge that Nostradamus was indeed K.K.'s idea you really think I fucking meant Rob,Glenn,Ian and Scott were not a part of it at all?  Get real "Auntie". For your information the album "was" K.K.'s idea,motivations and arrangements,that doesn't mean Rob,Glenn,Ian and Scott were not a part of it. 

Let me clear it up for you since you seem to have a hard time understanding things in general so let me see if I can strip my complicated post down into something Auntie B can even understand...The album has been a long time idea of all of thiers,but Nostradamus was K.K.'s "baby" and yes "THE MAJORITY" of it was his ideas,fruitations and arrangements. Everybody else assumed Rob and Glenn were a part of it but you,so I hope somehow you can possibly understand it,if not you can check back into kindergarden. How do i know this? I'm surely not going to tell you because you irritate me #1 and # still irritate me. 

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