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TOPIC: KK Downing Has Retired
[\~AuntieB~/] Sunday, May 29, 2011 12:24:27 PM 
I'm trying not to beet a dead horse.  But I think the following provides more clarity / discussion with regard to the concept album "Nostradamus" (exerpt from the Blabbermouth interview):

On the musical and lyrical direction of JUDAS PRIEST's new material:

Tipton: "It's quite a mixed bag. Really, there's more sentiment on this album. In a way, I suppose, it's also our farewell album, although it might not be our last one. There are some anthems on there, which pay tribute to our fans; it's our fans of saying thank you and the lyrics relate to that, it's saying thank you to the fans for all the years."

Halford: "I think what really is important is that we still have this desire, this passion — it doesn't diminish in nearly 40 years; we still have this tremendous love for what we do in
heavy metal music and the fans that have supported us are a constant inspiration. And I think we all agree that as much as we were very happy with the way [the JUDAS PRIEST concept album] 'Nostradamus' came out — that was a great moment for us, because we had been waiting forever to make this concept album — that's not the end with 'Nostradamus'. We have other ideas that we wanna explore later. But wanted to make, at least, as Glenn said, one more great metal album that really has all the great traditions and attributes of PRIEST in the music, and we think we've got that down, pretty much."

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