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TOPIC: Iron Maiden Discussion
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Monday, February 21, 2011 10:35:11 AM 
We all like other bands Brian, but NONE of us here post 600+ times about ONE BAND that is NOT Judas Priest. You have how many posts that are actually about Priest??? Very few that I recall. As for J.D., he is a hardcore Priest fan and it hit him extremely hard that Priest was doing a farewell tour without recording another album when we were led to believe that there would be another album. J.D. loves Judas Priest just as much as I and many others on this board do. He was venting and we all knew it. He even left because he was venting too much and didn't want to subject us to that. We all post about other bands and what albums we like. It helps grow the metal community and there is nothing wrong with that unless you post 600+ times about one band! I don't make a big deal about people posting things unless it gets to the point that it is obvious that they are here for the wrong reasons. You are promoting Iron Maiden and I'm sick of it. Shame on me for my picture with Ozzy??? We paid big bucks to do the meet and greet so that we would have FRONT ROW tickets for HALFORD. We made a HALFORD banner and took it to Cleveland and Grand Rapids and they remembered us and signed our banner. Meeting Ozzy was great and he is a metal icon, so what's your point? Yes, I have posted about things other than Judas Priest, but let's get one thing straight Brian, over 90% OF MY POSTS ARE ABOUT JUDAS PRIEST AND NOT IRON MAIDEN LIKE YOURS!! Do you get it yet, do you???
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