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TOPIC: Iron Maiden Discussion
[J.D. DIAMOND] Sunday, February 20, 2011 12:38:02 AM 
I erased half my post to word my post a little better so that somebody as dumb as you could possibly understand it  ( )

And you are consistantly whining about Halford's image yet contradicting yourself you always say for Bruce how there is no dress code for heavy metal,so with that being said if you say you are not a contradiction then you shouldn't keep mentioning how much you hate Halford's coat its a fuckin joke,there is no dress code for heavy metal then shut the fuck up about Halford's coat.

I am the one who believes there should be a dress code for heavy metal and Bruce sucks at metal aesthetics as much as you suck at trying to cover up your contradictions,and no....I've never lost anything to you as everybody knows so nice try on that one,but a no go and here is one for the rest of the forum......   [

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