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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[jimmyjames] Monday, December 13, 2010 3:15:53 PM 

I stand by everything I said. If you think that posting crazy stuff affects me you're more deluded than I thought. It's not like punching me through the computer. It's like making yourself look a nut case through the computer. You are absolutely out there looking for sympathy. eg. The time you asked if anybody thought you were posting too many photos etc, to let you know in a PM. Somebody privately tells you they think you should tone it down and what do you do? Post their private PM in the forum and attempt to expose them as a bully. All the while going "I don't understand, I'm just trying to learn, I just want to share" Basically looking for sympathy because somebody told you how fed up and bored they were with the budred avalanche of shit. And the worst thing is, you asked. It's not as though it was a random PM you recieved. It's like a plan a child would conceive. Why do you say you are not a drama queen? I would say you are the textbook example of a drama queen. Always "Woe is me", always looking for approval, always seeking sympathy, always threatening to leave, then coming back, then threatening to leave again...., That's what drama queens do. Anger problems? See a psychiatrist, that's what people do when they can't control their emotions.

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