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TOPIC: Over rated bands
[Budred] Thursday, October 07, 2010 7:38:44 PM 
That's two apologies so I have to believe you're sincere. I think that's cool of you to do that so
I hope you take the time to hear me out and understand my post. I have absolutely no problem with you hating my music.
I have no problem with you bashing them by name. I knew full well that people didn't care for MRH here. I didn't get a single
response when I posted those concert videos and wasn't bothered at all. I was sharing just in case someone else did want
to see them. When you made your initial response you used some pretty derogatory comments and then brought up my name
so my initial reaction was to take it as a personal attack. I don't do that to anybody unless it's done to me first so it bothers 
me and so I responded like I did. Dude, the only thing I ask of you is to leave my name out when you do bash and  I'll gladly show
you the same courtesy. The only thing that makes me angry on here is personal attacks, nothing else.

We like more of the same stuff than you realize. Priest (favorite)
                                                                                           Sabbath (2nd favorite)
                                                                                            Rainbow (Dio era)
                                                                                              Dio (of course)
                                                                                              Maiden (up until 7th Son)
                                                                                               Saxon (Wheels of Steel, Denim and Leather, The Eagle has Landed)
                                                                                                Kiss (I still listen to old Kiss)
                                                                                                 Metallica (old)
                                                                                                    I have a Celtic Frost album cover tattoo on my leg.


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