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TOPIC: Over rated bands
[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, October 07, 2010 3:21:20 PM 
Hey Budred,I apologize for bashing your stuff ok? I shouldn't of said what I did,so I'll work on what I say to avoid a senseless confrontation ok? I don't like those bands you do but that doesn't mean you can't like them.I said before that if one single person likes a band then they don't suck.

I am extremely narrow minded in my musical tastes but its something that I thrive on,I am a traditionalist when it comes to metal music,its an "oath" ,its a passion for the metal music that I was introduced to.I've tried to listen to other types of metal but my soul rejects it like food poisoning and thows it up.

I like "normal" shit as I call it,stuff like old Black Sabbath,Rainbow with Dio which is really  just mystical rock and roll,I like Motorhead,Pentagram which is also traditional hard rock in the vien of Black Sabbath,I of course love Judas Priest as they are my all-time favorite band,I like old Iron Maiden and the 2006 AMOLAD album too,I like Saxon,old Kiss,old Metallica,I like Running Wild(some of thier albums)Iced Earth's first 2 albums,Tank's first album which is hard rock from 1981.

I like traditional black metal bands like Venom,Mercyful Fate,Bathory,Hellhammer,Celtic Frost,....all these bands have a "normal" traditional non-trend statement to them all,everything from the sound to the image all of them are elite,its something I thrive on.Its hard to keep my mouth shut when I see "nu-metal" being promoted,again I apologize.
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