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[guidogodoy] Sunday, July 11, 2010 4:53:54 PM 
Oh, I agree that those that like Nostra are in NO WAY trying to convince those that do. See? There is a difference beween us and fanboy fake Brian: when we think something sucks, we say it. It isn't blindly following the blind. Were that true, someone would have convinced me that Lochness was a decent sond LOOOONG ago. I'll even admit to the cheesy topic of Nostra. However, I am into classical music as well as some of you. The phrasings ARE classical in nature. I have heard many an interview where the guys wanted to do this sort of album and I am happy that they have come to a point in their career where it has come to fruition. Just one man's opinion, nothing more.

Say. J.D. (as I know YOU'LL answer as opposed to fanboy Brian), what are your four songs or so off Nostra? I think you might have posted them before but I forget. Please remind me.
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