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[J.D. DIAMOND] Sunday, July 11, 2010 12:20:28 PM 
With Nostradamus,I don't think that those of us who dislike it are trying to get other people to dislike it. But rather argue that the album in it's entirety is not "Judas Priest's signature sound". Nostradamus,Turbo and Demolition are all the same way,they don't harness the signature sound all the way through and are the only 3 records by the band that astray too far from the bands true sound. Jugulator and Ram It Down are very weak-like and went into left field but at least they didn't go out of the ballpark. 

I don't think Ram It Down is a great Priest album,but with 10 songs on it I can handle 5 of them(Ram It Down,  Heavy Metal,  Come And Get It,  Hard As Iron,  Blood Red Skies)with the other 5 songs blah,but at least its half the album ....with Nostradamus there are 22 or so tracks and I can only handle 4 of them.

But thats irrelevant,the main point here is that the only thing we can agree on is that the Nostradamus album is the most different  "away from Judas Priest" sounding album they have ever done.I just think it was too different sounding to be called a "Judas Priest" album.

Its like the band Emperor with the albums Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk and Equilibrium,they are not "Emperor's signature sound" and too strange to be called an Emperor albums yet to me they are both excellent albums. I would agree that those 2 albums shouldn't of been called "Emperor"  and should of changed the band's name but I still like those records.

This is the same senario with Nostradamus,if I did like the Nostradamus album I would still not consider it "Judas Priest".

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