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TOPIC: Language nam nam
[Deep Freeze] Saturday, February 27, 2010 7:18:12 AM 
OK man, I can get onboard with that. Please keep in mind that I am truly "having fun" when I am breaking down writing and speech. It's what I do. There is no malice intended. Having said this, there is something that occurs to me which I feel calls for some expansion;

I see that you have responded to Guido regarding education, travel and basic all-around "worldliness". It is interesting that there are many who find travel to be so educational. At worst, the exposure to other social environments is certainly a lesson in and of itself. Nonetheless, I am fiercely proud of my formal education. It was not somethng that was just "handed" to me. I earned my degrees. I put in the time and effort and THAT is an achievement. 

While I am well acquainted with people that have an above-average intelligence and capability, I stand by formal education with tremendous fervor. With all a person can learn in life, there is still something to be said for staying in school, working hard and earning a degree. I refuse to look upon this achievement as just "something I did". While it is possible to be as well-read in some areas and use of a dictionary is wonderful, even vital, to properly expressing a point of grammar or speech, a formal education allows one to understand the disciplines of their chosen area of study. The theory. The origin. There is also the correct use of context and that all too misunderstood structure. All things that you will NOT find in a dictionary or "Google".

I was under the assumption that you created this Thread as a means of discussing language in all its facets. I do not believe one is necessarily being fastidious when one insists upon proper usage and context in a LANGUAGE Thread. All of this being said, I appreciate that you truly are above average. You seem to have a grasp of language that one would expect from a more formally educated person and that is something in which you can take pride. However, when you decide to argue points of fact, especially regarding word usage and context,  please remember that not everything is available online.


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