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TOPIC: Language nam nam
[Deep Freeze] Friday, February 26, 2010 10:12:47 AM 
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Point by point, eh??  Hmm..well, as you wish.

I do not drink therefore, I will not be getting a beer. My sex life is irrelevant and I was out getting medicine for my wife, not fecal matter. As for your "unusual" words, I AM "having fun". You seem to be taking ME too seriously. 

Languages and Linguistics are NOT mutually inclusive terms simply because they are defined as similar subject matter (I thought you learned THAT stuff in school??)  and I assumed you meant them as they are properly defined. Again, perhaps I was mistaken. It could simply be where one went to school, eh? I will not argue that you can refer to them as a "passion" and perhaps use them as one in a singular, inclusive thought but it was my understanding that we were "having fun" AND learning...?  Mistaken again, I'm afraid.

I choose to "take you" as you present yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. The good folks of this Board are not all that "serious" but they do have feelings and thoughts of thier own. Concepts notwithstanding, I believe it is important to say what one means and say it as well as one can. If this is a matter of me taking things in the wrong context, perhaps I would be better served by keeping MY thoughts out of this particular Thread?  No offense, of course. I would rather just avoid a silly "tit for tat" argument.

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