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[spapad] Thursday, February 25, 2010 8:56:00 PM 
How many perfectly good albums have "christians" burned in the name of the almighty God!
God, let those individuals have "god given" talent to creat such music, and I really doubt "God" would be much offended by any of it.
I get so tired of self rightous bible thumping maniacs who seek to condem anything they do not outright enjoy.
Not long ago there was some email going around on the internet that stated to send cards to a poor sick child. I checked it out on Snopes and the family had asked a long while ago for the mailings to stop, and yet a uber "christian" I worked with, even after I showed her the printed request from the family for the mail to stop, became hostile with me and went and posted Her erroneous email at the timeclock and asked all to participate. Does that make her doing God's will? NO, that makes her a selfish bitch who wants to justify her right to "feel good" Bullshit!

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