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[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Thursday, February 25, 2010 7:01:39 PM 
I agree with you there Priest Hammer - Christians do tend to read too much into things! I went to Catholic school for 12 years and in 7th grade, my music teacher took it upon herself to try to "save my soul" from the likes of Judas Priest heavy metal. HAAAHAHA! Well, you can see how that turned out, can't you? Anyway, she made us all write out the words to one of our favorite songs and then write what the song was about. Since we all were taught to read something and then interpret it as a whole body of work, that is what we all did. She told us all that we were wrong and we were supposed to interpret it word for word. We argued that you take it out of context that way (DUH!) but it's the only way for them to prove the point that they want to make. I wrote out Bloodstone and You Got Another Thing Coming, just to see what she could come up with. She couldn't find anything wrong with Bloodstone (and it killed her!) and she said YGATC was Satanic because of this line: One Life, I'm gonna live it up. Her comment was that they don't believe in eternal life and so it is Satanic. Ummm.... yeah, OK. She also told us that Def Leppard was Satanic because of their name - they are mocking Jesus because he cured the DEAF and the LEPERS....... So at the age of 12, I realized that not all adults were more intelligent than 12 year olds!
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