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[PRIEST_HAMMER] Thursday, February 25, 2010 1:33:28 PM 
Did anyone catch the YouTube video "PopCulturePastor" slamming Judas Priest for 'reverse' Satanic leanings? From a Priest fan point of view it's actually cool to watch... most way through the 9+ minute clip it plays the Painkiller track backwards! But it throws in other things like verses from Priest and Bible verses to block.

For myself I find it to be a load of crap because I'm a Born Again Christian and a Judas Priest/Heavy Metal fan. I know the difference between Satanic lyrics from Science Fiction based heavy metal lyrics. Rob writes very much in a sci-fi way because he's a fan of it himself.

I hate saying this, but my brother Christians read too much in to all that. They can't seem to seperate fantasy from reality so they bash what they don't understand.

If you want to find this clip on YouTube go to Rob's Acceptance Speech in the news section and it should come up over there.


Edited at: Thursday, February 25, 2010 1:37:11 PM
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