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TOPIC: Video Games
[guidogodoy] Tuesday, February 23, 2010 10:27:51 AM 
Hey, Strat. Good to see you.

Not heavy into games, you can get away with all you describe. You didn't name the motherboard and, as a general rule, more RAM is always better. 4 GB looks good. Can you expand if you needed more? THAT is where I would be looking. You are really fine if you just want to run daily apps, though. No worries there.

HD is always the least of worries. External USB or Firewire drives more than make up for smaller harddrives. If not into gaming, you COULD get away with a lesser video card. While I have a couple of ATI cards upstairs and in my office computer (and one at my feet!), I still prefer GeForce cards. Then again, I am a PC gamer. Again, more memory on the card is always a + but not necessary if you are just running basic apps. 

Good build, says I. Nice to see you again.
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