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TOPIC: Video Games
[_strat_] Tuesday, February 23, 2010 10:18:11 AM 
Hi everyone! Ive been away, I know, so ill just say hi to everyone first...

Now, Im not sure if this is the right thread, but it seems to be roughly it, so heres my question to anyone that is up to date with computerish things:

Im buying a new computer. Ive been looking around a bit, and Ive got a few questions. First: the RAM. The best Ive found so far (in a pre-assembled computer) is 4GB. Is that a lot, or would 3 or 2 be enough for a computer that will probably be used for work first, and not too demanding games second?

Second, the graphics card. The package that Ive been looking at comes with an ATI HD4870 512MB GDDR5 - now, is that ok, not enough, or just right for what I described above? (If its too much then Im definately looking for something cheaper - half the price seems to be the graphics card)

The hard drive is 750GB, which to me (Ive had this same computer for many, MANY years now) seems like Sci-Fi. Personaly Id be content with half as much, tho Im not sure how that goes today.

Thanks for the answers!
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