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TOPIC: 1001 ways to know you're a Judas Priest fan
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Saturday, October 24, 2009 4:30:53 PM 
I agree Freeze, Rob most definitely does not sound the same as he did in the '90s. I remember leaving the Painkiller show in absolute and complete AWE of Rob's vocals. I still think back to that show and watch the bootleg of it and my jaw drops. But he was also NOT dead on in every show even back then if you watch other live performances. I don't know how you could be dead on every single show with as many as they do on a tour. At the Cleveland show this year, on VOC it was the same note he hit, however it doesn't sound the same because his scream isn't crystal clear like it used to be. I think that's it right there, it's not the crisp, crystal clear scream of old. But yes, like you said, it's still damn incredible and better than anyone on the planet can do.

There are so many other songs for Priest to do, they should drop Painkiller. But what I think is funny is that when they DID do Painkiller last year, people were bitching about Rob's voice on it. So this year, they DROP Painkiller from the set list and people are bitching because they want to hear Painkiller...... they just can't win!

I would LOVE for them to bring back Beyond the Realms of Death. I remember when they brought that song back on the Ram It Down tour. I screamed so loud half my section turned to look at me! Then after the song was over, some dude tapped me on the shoulder and asked what the name of the song was and what album it was off of. When I told him, he got a funny look on his face. I told him it was an AWESOME album and to GO BUY IT!
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