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TOPIC: 1001 ways to know you're a Judas Priest fan
[Deep Freeze] Saturday, October 24, 2009 10:39:02 AM 
I find the discussion regarding Rob's voice most interesting. Everyone here that really knows me is well aware that I am a huge fan and love Rob. He is a master at his craft. Having said this, I have to be very honest about something that I see mentioned more often than not; the "high" notes.

Rob Halford is THE Metal God. But Rob is NOT the Rob of twenty years ago, period. I have been to many shows, seen the DVDs and bootlegs and heard the outakes and I am telling you, he does not hit the same note on Painkiller that he did in '90 or '91. It may be loud. It may be piercing. It may be FAR better than me or nearly anyone on the planet will ever be able to do but it is NOT the same note he used on the album or managed to hit many years ago. It's just not.

I have read countless posts regarding the "great" shows many of us have seen recently and I see the constant assertions that Rob "hit every note" or was "just like he used to be".... Baloney. He cannot hit that note anymore. He cannot. Further, he has not for MANY years. I fear most of us are simply hearing him through the ears of the devoted fan.  And there is nothing wrong with that.

Priest gigs are still awesome. The songs are incredible and the guys are fantastic. I love them all and I believe I am as true a fan as there is on earth but there are things that Rob just cannot do in the same way anymore. Singing Painkiller is clearly one of them. He can sing the song, but it is NOT the same as the album. All the wishful thinking and  glowing commentary on earth cannot change nature. We age. We ALL age. And with that age comes the deterioration of some of our natural talents. Sports figures, singers, dancers...all things physical. That is part of life. In all honesty, Rob still knows his craft well and performs better than most in the field, including those younger than he. He is true genius. However, he is not what he was.
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