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TOPIC: US vs the rest of the world supporting metal
[.] Saturday, September 05, 2009 8:49:40 PM 
Hi Guido...I don't think bugs are the scariest creatures in the countryside: I think ghost cougars are the scariest. A neighbor of mine once had an old horse that somehow "unfortunately" tripped and fell into a ditch and died. Now the neighbor blamed it on a cougar stalking the animal and kept pointing at some puncture wounds on the dead animal and some cat paws nobody seemed to recognize...perhaps because there are no cougars in the region. Biggest cat is a bobcat, lots of wild domestics, racoons, skunks and deer.
Quite scary that ghost cougar, don't you think?
That neighbor was haunted, of course. Lots of his animals kept dying from strange occurrences...the older the nag, the greater the risk of death by ghost cougar...or accidental falls.

Beware of ghost cougars.
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