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TOPIC: 30th Anniv. British Steel Setlist 2009
[I.M.P.] Tuesday, August 25, 2009 8:53:15 PM 
Most of us have lives dude.  We just really like it here.  All of the old time posters have a rapport.

I don't think you're the only one that's shown concern, as I recall there were others worried about his back, and many others, along with myself, noticed and were concerned about his performance last year even.

In all honesty, I wasn't "offended" by your observation.  I felt it was fair to point out-however, it was the way you put it that irritated posters.  250 lbs Halford is NOT.  Join a gym?  Hell, the guy gets a work out every effing show... 

Common sense dictates that, in being on a Priest board and all, you should expect a level of hostility in reaction to some of the harder words against the band.
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