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TOPIC: 30th Anniv. British Steel Setlist 2009
[Rob Ward] Tuesday, August 25, 2009 5:06:32 PM 
You all need to get a life, stop wasting your lives on a message board. But if you must waste your life at least read the whole thread and find my original point before commenting on it.

There is a person on here claiming that he sat on a bus with Rob and his 180lb body...

I don't need to stop liking Priest because I made an observation.

I am the only one on this entire board that showed any concern for the guys health. All the rest of you would have let the guy die and say stupid things like. "Rob gave it his all til the end."

I don't know why I need to show a picture of myself or my gut.

If you bothered to look I got that picture off this very site, it took 3 seconds.
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