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TOPIC: NEW BS DVD will NOT be as good as it could be...
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Tuesday, August 18, 2009 12:15:45 AM 
NOOOOOO!!   Somehow I knew this was going to happen when I checked into getting tickets and saw how many were left...... They should have announced it up front like Spa said so that all us true fans would have been there. Can you IMAGINE the party that would have been?!?!? All of us singing every word to every song - now THAT'S what the Priest deserves! Out of the 3 shows we went to, Detroit was by far the best crowd, then Cinci and then Cleveland.

Tasnam it must have been hard not to yell at everyone to get off their asses! I guess there just won't be many crowd shots in this DVD. But since we know at least you went nuts, hopefully we will get to see you! Thanks for letting us know, although I wish it were better news....

As for Scott looking bored like some people said..... I don't get it and I don't agree at all. I saw 3 shows on this tour and each one Scott was kicking ass and singing along and smiling - trust me, I was watching him!
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