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TOPIC: NEW BS DVD will NOT be as good as it could be...
[tasnam1] Monday, August 17, 2009 10:05:09 PM 
The NEW DVD will be a little bit of a let down because of .....NOT JP they showed up and did pretty well.....the crowd in FLL SUCKED!!!!!!!!!

That's right - sorry FL I know i am making some enemies, but you guys were the worst...soo.boring!!!!

This is my 4th JP show THIS TOUR!  

FYI - July 9th Toronto, Aug 5th SDSU, Aug 6th Costa Mesa, Aug 17th FLL.

The other crowds were loud, crazy, sang out loud, and for GOD's SAKE stood up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I was in section 201 right off of Glenn an out of the 1/2 full section (which is another problem) I was one of the few standing.  everyone sat the whole time.

I think Glenn even got frustrated at a few points when his camera panned over to the 1/2 empty section.

Some other issues.....(Not fault of JP or FLL)

People did not know that JP was playing alone.

the arena was virtually 50% full at 15 minutes to show time.

If they Had not delyed the opening no one would be in the crowd scene.   This was a result of Whitesnake and popeevil BOTH not playing tonight.
the guy next to me, like others assumed JP would go on at 9:00PM.

Guess what the show started at 8:12PM and i think that caught unsuspecting people by surprise. (which lead to a lack luster audience)

Same set list.
Eddie Truck and his two guys said a few words to open the show.
the guiters seemed to get more feedback when they started each song, more then the other shows.
Rob's voice was on par with SDSU show (IMO Toronto #1, Costa Mesa #2)
Glenn a little off like the SDSU show
NOTE Scott was INTO this SHOW!!! he was going nuts compared to the comments I've read from others about his blank stare.

I do wish they would have extended the setlist for  the DVD.

Rob did a lot of sing a longs where he hel the mic for the audience to sing the words for him.....not my preference.

we will see how much studio magic they pull off to make this a winner.

I saw 5 cameras (1 boom by KK, one way back, and three in the front.  there could have been more, but i couldn't find them.

The security was asses.  they would not lt anyone really move around - that is not fun. 
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