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TOPIC: Popularity?
[I.M.P.] Sunday, August 16, 2009 1:12:46 PM 

I'm with you on Metallica, a fan, but what the hell?!

It sounds like you're describing a type of casual music fan, one that has a band list ranging from Metallica to Miley Cyrus?!  My brother's similar, he likes rap to metal, most of the metal he likes came from my speakers, hehe.  Whatever "sounds cool" for him at the moment is what is on. 

I've never seen the Enter Sandman video, but "hair-sprayed curls"?!  This was the band that would mock Motley Crue for wearing make up and grandma's jewelery... 

Heh, is Metallica a bigger disappointment than Anthrax even?  LOL.


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