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TOPIC: Popularity?
[Becks] Sunday, August 16, 2009 1:26:53 AM 
Ooooh Metallica! I'll admit, I am a Metallica fan, although I am selective about what I like of theirs I guess you could say LOL! Their first 4 albums were awesome, I enjoy the Black Album, after that for me they absolutely lost their way, with songs here and there that I do like to a certain extent. They did a complete 180 turn and came up with all sorts of randomness, for lack of a better word - Reload anyone? For some reason their popularity has endured - it has nothing to do with quality music, and a lot to do with what it perceived as 'cool' to listen to by certain groups of people. You see it in kids a lot, a couple of them like *shudder* Miley Cyrus, a whole bunch of their friends follow suit cos it must be cool. Bizarre logic but it happens LOL!
True metal fans do not like a band/artist because their mates like them, or because they are what is shown by the media to be the best. I think this mentality is especially prevalent in Priest fans Priest will ALWAYS have an enduring popularity thanks to the fact their fans are loyal, and their music absolutely rocks. Bands like Metallica have shown how wavering popularity can really be when it is not justified.
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