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TOPIC: Is Ripper Owens owed an apology by 'Priest?
[Becks] Thursday, May 28, 2009 12:24:20 AM 
I agree hellrider. Also, I doubt any of us would even know who Ripper Owens is if it wasn't for Priest. I think many people here would say Priest is not Priest without Rob, therefore, although the Ripper years kept KK, Glenn, Ian and Scott playing music, they are almost transition years (for lack of a better term), moving forward to Rob returning and completing the band once more. It would be the same situation if any of the current members left, it just would not be Priest.
On the subject of the live album, I think it's awesome, end of story really. For them to still be going, releasing any albums at their ages is fantastic.
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