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TOPIC: Best guitarist of all time?
[flashrockinman] Tuesday, January 27, 2009 1:36:09 PM 
which brings up the band white snake .  he's got the voice. deep purple stormbringer is a classic. of course i'm talking about coverdale.  but white snake to me is a chick hard rock band. not metal.  deep purple to me are the founders of hard rock.  you metioned machinehead.  that album started it all.  sooooooooo many good tracks on that ablum still played on the radio today.

so many people talk about man of war.   they don't get any air play.  but there are people out there  that swear that the band is the greatest metal band  blah blah blah................  so i bought an album hoping to be blown away.   sorry  wasn't that impressed.  it looked like a cartoon of four guys  dressed as worriors on the cover in a row. a couple tracks where alright but, not what i was expecting.  king diamond's band to me was much better  melissa.  but nobody mentions them
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