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TOPIC: Nostradamus; The Jewel Of Priest
[guidogodoy] Friday, December 12, 2008 3:03:02 PM 
OMG! I couldn't be more opposed. Maiden has gotten BETTER?! AAARGH!! I was the biggest diehard fan you could imagine! Look at my profile from twenty years ago and say it isn't true. I was onstage with them FFS! However, since Fear of the Dark they have lost all credit with me (ironically the concert I was onstage with them was THAT one).

Last album from IM was a nightmare. Listened to it ONCE and threw it into a corner. Three guitars? That is something out of Spinal Tap. Talk about "pompous!" Each song is like 10 minutes long and changes tempo so often that it almost seems like a gimmick to them. They then wonder why the USA never "took" to their new album.

Bruce rejoining the band and "Rainmaker" has been their only redeeming song in all the years since Fear, IMO. Priest is so far beyond them it isn't funny.

To each their own but PLEASE, stop with that "NostraBOREus" business. Yeah, we got it the first time. Why not post that droll humor on the Maiden site. Better yet, why don't I go there and post why I don't like their (ahem) music. Oh yeah, they charge to post....
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