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TOPIC: Nostradamus; The Jewel Of Priest
[metalmaz] Friday, December 12, 2008 1:46:28 PM 
I've tried so hard to like it, but failed. In my opinion it is overblown, self indulgent, pompous and downright boring. There are 3 songs on it I really like and on an album as long as Nostradamus, that is a big letdown 

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for bands progressing and Priest aren't like AC/DC who stick to a fairly rigid formula. 

Iron Maiden's last 3 abums have been outstanding and are on par and in some cases even better than their "golden era."  They haven't stuck with the likes of "Run To The Hills," but they've progressed without losing their rock roots. Saxon are another example of this.

Nostradasmus is a fine example of not letting band members produce their own albums. Egos and lack of objectivity get in the way and it needed an independent producer to rein it in and say things like "This song is not up to scratch and shoudn't be on the album"

And an indendent producer would also have mixed the album so Ian Hill could have been heard. Of course that would upset KK and Glen because they think only they should be heard.  They have obviously used a drum machine instead of Scott - but of course that is because people would say "Wow Scott is  an awesome drummer"  and Glen and KK wouldn't like that, because after all they are the only musicians in JP.

NostraBOREus doesn't suck as much as Rocka Rolla or Ram it Down, but it's a close thing .

Masterpiece my arse. I'm amazed it hasn't got "Inspired by Andrew Llyod Webber" on the sleeve notes.

How can such a great band have the audacity to release something like this.

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