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TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[guardian angel] Friday, October 31, 2008 9:46:56 AM 
No. NO..No...Uh...yes. Well first impressions by lots of people I talked to was that Nostradamus was self-indulgent & pompous. Even a terrible review here in the paper, though it was a combination review with Motley Crue's new Saints in Los Angeles. How the two even compare...Well they don't. I used to like Crue more in my teens, but I feel I've long outgrown their drugs, party & pussy themes. Priest is on a whole other level, where I don't think Crue's really evolved that much, and certainly not lyrically. They are who they are. Bless'em. That first impression by the guy writing the article didn't do Priest any favours whatsoever, at the same time RAVING about Crue's SILA. After more in depth listens, the true Nostradamus is shining through as nothing short of a masterpiece. It has a few Vegas-y moments, but this is one of my top 3 works of theirs. It's amazing and I can't get enough of it! I am actually quite happy that they released it in a double CD format and didn't cut it down to one CD, so that you can get MORE. It goes to 11. I also agree that their promotional people SUCK and I can say confidently that I never hear any Nostradamus on the radio and very RARELY ever hear JP at all. Occasionally it'll be You've Got Another Thing Coming. How sad. I will definitely see Nostradamus if they play here or near here, but I agree that it will likely not be as big a draw as their Priest Feast tour. JP are very underrated. I read in a bio about them that they keep "playing to the same 10,000 people" (or whatever the number was) and they don't know how to change that, well...Maybe better promotion and video choices. I don't know. I'll just keep raving about them to friends & family & playing the music subliminally in the background when my boys are in the van enroute to soccer practice or a mall trip! (My 4 year old is a Halford fan already & both ask for Love Bites. Reminds them of the music in Bowser's Castle in SuperMario World!)
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