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TOPIC: Turbo
[Deep Freeze] Saturday, October 25, 2008 7:41:05 AM 
Well 'Child, you may very well be right. Perhaps it was a "sell out". I was not with the Band and I cannot speak for them and their intentions but I will say this; it is really not uncommon for a band to do a song or an album which reflects the musical atmosphere of that time period. Most great bands have done this. I recall Queen doing a "punk" song on News of the World. This was their professional "wink" at the genre and its popularity. It did not make me dislike them at all. In fact, when a band is capable of writing outside of their comfort zone and still find that they are able to remain relevant, I find that it speaks to the ability that band really has. Moreover, I do not believe the Band was in any danger of going "broke" and did Turbo as a way to pay a past due mortgage or two!

All in all, I do not "hate" Turbo. It certainly is not my favorite but I do not hate it, It may not be "classic" Priest, but it is OK. Look at all the buzz surrounding Nostradamus. It does not mean the Band has lost a step or that they are losing anything musically. It is just another part of a larger creation that is Judas Priest,
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