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TOPIC: Turbo
[devils_child] Saturday, October 25, 2008 7:24:23 AM 
LMFAO!!  I reckon.... Turbo hardly leaves the CD rack let alone the house. Sorry but it's too weak  - it was THE sell out album.. I can see why alot of people stopped listening to them at this (album) point... It's so flat, dull, unintelligent.. The lyrics are so simple... I think the guys got lazy or something when writting for this album. Even Robs singing lacks any real energy... where's the screams???? and the low pitched singing??? 'Turbo lover' he sings on one note for most of it. There's nothing epic about this album. 
And those of you who got into Priest through this album... please tell me what other bands were you listening to at this point... seriously i'm intrested to know. Because this album does not represent was Priest was about for the 10+ years prior - This album was made clearly to sell to the audience that their music should never have appealed to and never had until Turbo. Basically in two words.... Sell Out.

I will add that, yes i do appreciate Turbo's place in history, but it's certainly not one i play often.
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