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TOPIC: Jumping Jack Priest
[lizash [Banned]] Thursday, October 09, 2008 8:16:16 PM 
VOM, just a little correction. Rob turned 57 this year, as does all the members of JP except Glen who happens to be turning the big 60 this year, and Scott who is the "baby" around my age. 
Ever notice KK quit doing those monster backbends a way back? At my age he could still do them and I bet that if I went into a backbend I would need to roll sideways to get out of it! People age, and we all wish to be young, but it's a shame that father time wont let us stay as young as we want. LOL
As long as I have my sence of humor and an intrest in getting out and doing things, I'll stay young enough!
I admire JP for their energy on stage! Glenn doesn't seemed to have missed a trick over the years, but he never did those awesome backbends!
Here's to the band! The Greatest Band! Still kickin it at late 50's! They will always be the ones I love!
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