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TOPIC: Jumping Jack Priest
[VICTIM OF METAL] Thursday, October 09, 2008 7:10:29 PM 

Hey Mysterio, may i ask you a personal question?  How old are you? Take it easy i'm not attacking you. Rob is like 59 years old,okay. I'm like 15 years younger. At my age, i wanna jump around more,lol, it's not gonna happen every other night., for either of us.  And i exercise 5 days a week. So i'm just guessing your younger then both of us? Believe me, i long for those days to. It's tough getting used to his new persona, but it fits him. Bruce of Iron Maiden is a different horse all together. Kinda like a sports player that should be past his prime, yet he still has it. But that's why i love Priest and Maiden. Both are great, yet so different.


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