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TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Deep Freeze] Wednesday, October 08, 2008 3:11:53 PM 
It is very difficult for me to believe we are still debating the "worthiness" of the new album. Jay makes some good points regarding the Band's marketing of late, but it is hard for me to accept that Priest are accused of poor effort or sub-par material. The album is what it is. More importantly, Priest remain viable after nearly 40 years of music. 40 years! I  can almost guarantee you that the aforementioned "younger", "fresher" bands will not be able to claim that kind of longevity. That is a fact.

Judas Priest may not sell out stadiums like they once did, but it is certainly not because of Nostradamus. The "masses" are too busy lauding the so-called genius of the likes of Kid Rock and others of his ilk that would rather dub other people's music and change the words than actually write something original. Rhyming "bitch" with "itch" takes very little talent, my friends. Gluing gold to ones front teeth does not make one a genius. Claiming to be from the "street" does not equate to musical talent. 

Unfortunately, musical success is still based on earnings and somehow joined with the word "talent" with very little foundation for use of the word. It is far easier to get some kid to buy an album with corpses and guns on the cover than it is to actually be talented.
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