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TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[JayDee  Jepsen] Wednesday, October 08, 2008 1:54:36 PM 
Look. The majority of us agree that Nostradamus great cd by Priest and should have a huge amount more attention if it weren't Priest shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to marketing. Example: One of the best tools for marketing is a quality video of your strongest songs followed by playing those songs on tour to support the video thus creating more demand from the fans. JP has not made a quality video since 1990's Painkiller and Touch of Evil,, some 18 years ago. AOR's Revolution(not JP's strongest song on the cd)had a half-ass video of the song "dubbed" over existing concert footage. The best AOR songs = no video + the single "Worth fighting For" = no video. JP release Nostradamus via the net(good move)but no video! JP release "Visions" as first single-no video, JP make a ok-at-best animated vdeo for "War" (not jp's best song on the cd). Non of these songs or other good songs like "Alone", "Persecution" were played on their tour.. WTF!? For an album that they are soooo proud of you would never know it by how they marketed it. It's almost like a child with so much potential if it weren't neglected. The "downfall of priest" is not Nostradamus; it's the lack of commonsense marketing of their good material & choice of tour support that have eroaded cd and ticket sells over the last 18 years and brought Priest to a sad place of no more Gold and Platinum albums and sold out shows in the US. let's be honest-Motorhead, Testament, Queensryche(2005) are not up to Priest standards. there are many other, better, young fresh bands who would be better concert draws... Sorry for the long winded writing but I'm passionate about Priest and their music and equally frustrated by the lack of much deserved success! JayDee
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