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TOPIC: Spur of the moment...
[Head banger] Monday, September 22, 2008 10:46:42 PM 

I dont recall him posting there before. 

of course not everyone shares the same standards, like I said, there are people who find the sinfull thread offensive.  too bad for them.  some of the convo there has been quite racy.  oh well.  too bad, its there, and isnt over the top ofensive.  

all kinds of threads piss off one person or another, the one that probably brings the most offence is the social issues and politics thread.  

I infer from your posts that you use the messages since your last visit button, and that not signing in prevents you from ignoring it.  since, I doubt its going away, I sugest that logging in each time solves your problem.  Most people dont use that button, and so, its not an issue for them.  good luck.

Remember, practice what you preach goes both ways.  now that i think about it, the female who was most offended by that thread was gay, and the most offended was a male.  I still stand by my recolection that three of the top 6 posters are female, and 2 are married with kids, not sure about the third, but I know she posts in the sinfull thread also.  Playboy Magazine is the magazine where the subscription base is closest to the natural population distribution, 51& female, 49 male.  a fair bit of airbrushing there too (old stat from advertizing class, sorry if its out of date)

anyway, have a nice day.

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