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TOPIC: Spur of the moment...
[.] Monday, September 22, 2008 10:37:06 PM 
Actually, I have seriously considered that. However, IF the webmaster was really concerned, he would have banned the thread by now, since it has been argued and discussed several times before. As it goes, he likely posts there too. "The true test", sure...I stand by what I said, if there is nothing you can say apart from "community standards" - which is assuming everybody that logs in or lurks actually shares the same standards as you, apart from liking Judas Priest.

 Me, with having vented online for anybody to reply only now, years after the thread first came to existence, and not having bothered to get involved in circular arguments in those times, it is a no-brainer that asking for it to be banned is a very unpopular move and a late one too.
I can't tell people what to say and what to do. I can only hope that by their sense and reasoning they will do well unto everybody (me including), wouldn't you think so? 
But it doesn't stop me from venting every now and again because I find those images pretty sad.. and a damn nuissance when I don't want to log in, just want to browse around and see what's up (just like I said in the initial post).

Thank you for keeping ignorance and stupidity from completely overwhelming your replies, but I wish Practice What You Preach was the more prevalent attitude towards your female metal fans.
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